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TBD Income Program Review : Everything That You Need To Get Started



TBD Income Program Review : Everything That You Need To Get Started

This is one of the latest income programs in Nigeria today that was launched on the 18th of March, 2020 which simply implies that it is still hot. So let’s quickly make some reviews about them before everything gets cold.

Firstly you should know that TBD means Team Bulldozer but I don’t really know what brought about the name because the normal income programs we know have suffixes/ prefixes of words like news,forum, pay and others.

Well that does not dispute the fact that TBD Income program operates the same way as other income programs like Newspay, Candy News, NNU, Giftalworld, and others where you make money from reading news, sharing posts, commenting and referring people to the platform.

About TBD Income Program

TBD Income was created for the purpose of generating income for everyone that is interested in making extra money from their mobile phone without stress. It is being said that to get started with the previous version of TBD, you were required to pay N25,000 but today you can register with just N1,500 and make a lot of money within a short period of time.

Ever since this program was launched in march, 2020 , they have paid out to over 3000 members till this day. Most people are yet to learn about this income program so you should register with them as far as possible before they stop paying out their members.

Is TBD Income Program Legit or Scam

The legitimacy of these income programs cannot be predicted. Yes, nobody loves getting scammed especially this period when the country is hard already. But life is about taking risks, you know?

Therefore, as at the time of writing this article it was confirmed that TBD Income Program is a legit one and it is currently paying out to its members. The fact is just that we don’t know what might happen tomorrow.

How Much Money Can You Make On TBD Income Program

The amount of money you can make on this platform actually depends on your level of seriousness, determination and smartness. Well below is a breakdown of the amount of money that you can make on the TBD income program in Nigeria.

● Login In : TBD will 50 activity point for logging to their platform

● Sharing Sponsored Posts : You will earn 200 activity points for ever sponsored posts you share to your social media accounts. The maximum amount of sponsored posts you can share in a day is 4.

● Referral Program: You will earn N1,000 for everyone that you refer to the Team Bulldozer Income Program.

● Reading Post: You will be given 5 activity points for each post that you read on the platform.

● Commenting: You will earn 5 activity points for commenting on posts.

● Article Submission: You are to earn 250 activity points for any approved unique article that you publish on the platform.

You should note that one activity point is equivalent to one Naira.

Meanwhile you should note that the TBD Income Program payment threshold for activity earning is N2000 while N3000 for the referral earnings.

They also claimed to pay out without referring anyone to the platform.

How To Register With TBD Income Program

For those that have made up their mind to join the TBD Income Program, you should do so now before it’s too late. Below is a guide to put you through !

1. Buy your e – pin for N1,500 from a verified seller.
2. Visit the TBD official website
3. Fill in the required details on the website like your names, phone number, username, password, the epin you got and others.
4. Agree to their terms and conditions by ticking the box.
5. Click on make payment.

You are done ! So quickly rush down to get with the Team Bulldozer Income Program so that you don’t come when they are going. Yes you know what I mean .

Meanwhile, you should ensure you make use of the social share button to share this TBD review because there are so many people who might be interested in this online business opportunity.

But don’t forget to use the comment section to let us know what you think about the TBD Income Program.

Emmanuel Peter AkA Emmex is the CEO and founder of Loadedkitt. With the aim of giving Nigerians and other countries the best he can.. Emmanuel hails from Kaduna State (Kafanchan Jema'a LGA) Hobbies: Playing Football,Playing PlayStation Games... Dislikes: Insults Get in touch with me on WhatsApp ➡ +2348104368356.. Call Me 08080851959 Thank You

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Oforum Review: Read This Before You Join Oforum



Oforum Review: Read This Before You Join

I hope you didn’t forget how NNU Income Program worked. Yes, Oforum is a similar platform where you make money to read news, share posts, and most importantly, refer someone.

These activities listed above only require either your data, time, registration fee, phone or system which are always at your disposal.

Oforum is a platform where you get the latest news of the things happening around you. They launched this income program for the purpose of helping the masses to make some extra money especially students, middle class and youths that need some other source of money to meet up with their daily needs.

One thing you should have at the back of your mind about these income programs that they do pay when they are just launched.

How Money Is Being Made On Oforum

Just like other income programs that you must have heard about.

Oforum too has two major streams of income. One of them involves making money from doing some activities on the platform while the other requires you to refer people to the platform.

The two income streams on Oforum would be discussed below;

1. Referral Program: I am sure this is not the first time you are hearing about a referral program. Well referral programs have been around for a while now and will always be around.

This is a major way to make money easily on income programs including Oforum. You will get 71% registration fee of each person you refer and have successfully registered to the Oforum platform. Isn’t that huge?

Even Adsense doesn’t pay up to 71% to it’s publishers and website masters. Now how much is the registration fee and how much is your share?

The registration fee is N1,400 and your share is N1,000 for everyone that successfully registered through you. You can always learn to drive a lot of people to register through you online.

2. Performing Tasks: So we will be breaking these tasks and the reward you will get for each;

● Reading News: For each news that you read on Oforum, you will be getting N5. So nothing stops you from reading as much news as you want. You get informed and still get paid.

● Sharing posts: For every post that you share to your Facebook timeline, you will be getting N20. It is a win win because you get rewarded and they get more visitors to their platform as you share.

Oforum Payment Threshold

The minimum amount you are allowed to withdraw is as low as N500. Well, this is uncommon but interesting. You can withdraw and get paid to you bank account if you have at least N500 on your dashboard

How To Register With Oforum

Follow the steps below in order to get started with Oforum

1. You should ensure that you have your N1,400 registration fee.

2. Contact their trusted agents contacts on their platform to continue with the registration.

● Adewale – 08114792201 (WhatsApp Only)
● Karo – 08117720265 (WhatsApp Only)
● Paul – 08131267051 (WhatsApp Only)
● Swift – 08164636569 (WhatsApp Only

3. Proceed here and click on join.
4. You can log in with your facebook account.

How Legit Is Oforum ?

This is a very important question to ask whenever you find any program online that involves taking your money.

Well, we found out that Oforum is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (2650978). But this is not a guarantee of legitimacy.

We have actually not recorded any case of scam since it came in but here is what we noticed below.

● We discovered that the payment method is not trusted enough because they claim that you can pay through flutterwave but we found nothing like that.

● And also, the other payment option requires sending money to some particular contacts whom we have little or no information about.

Therefore, these are red flags concerning this platform. You should be careful with where you invest your money.

Meanwhile, there are other people who are looking for this review. You should do them a favor by using the social share button to reach out to them.

Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts or experience about Oforum by using the comment section below. Thanks, we hope to see you here again.

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NairaInsta Income Program Review : Make Money On NairaInsta



NairaInsta Income Program Review : How To Make Money

Many income programs pop up almost every day so we need to do some filters.

This is the reason we always come up with reviews so that the bad ones which are scam will be filtered out and the legit ones will stay on top.

Well, is NairaInsta among the good or bad ones? We shall find out in this article today.

Just like every other income program where you make money on your system at your comfort places by reading news, sharing posts, commenting, publishing and referring.

NairaInsta is not so different from them. But we need to know more about them before will invest our hard earned money with them.

About NairaInsta

NairaInsta is one of the most recent income programs in Nigeria that was launched in March, 2020. It is website filled with informations of things happening around you and beyond. They came along with some unique features which wowed it members when it came in newly. Some of these features would be enumerated below;

● They pay without referral: Yes, this is a really rare feature among the income programs we have in Nigeria because most of them will refuse to pay for the whole activities you do on their website except you have referred one or more persons to the platform. So this is a win for NairaInsta.

● Fast Withdrawal Process: Unlike some income programs that take days before they send your payment to you after requesting for withdrawal.

NairaInsta have been said to process payment for a maximum of four hours which makes it one of the fastest.

● They allow daily withdrawal: This just another rare feature where you can request payment daily providing that you have reached the payment threshold. You already know what that means – peace of mind !

● Most Active Users Will Be Rewarded Weekly: Even if some other income programs reward their most active users, it’s definitely not weekly but monthly. If you are active enough to make a lot of money, you might end becoming the most active user for the week. You will get extra reward for this !

You will realize that everything about NairaInsta is fast which means fast money, fast cars lol.

How Much Money You Can Make On NairaInsta

There are several ways you make money on NairaInsta. Some of these ways would be discussed below;

● You will make N500 for every approved post that you submit to NairaInsta

● You will make N250 immediately you register with them. This is just a registration bonus.

● You will make N1,000 for each person you refer to NairaInsta Income Program

● You will make N1,000 for every year for being a member of NairaInsta. Isn’t that interestling? This money is known as Anniversary.

● You will make N60 for login into your NairaInsta account daily.

● You will make N5 for every post you view on the platform

● You will make N10 for commenting on posts on NairaInsta.

● You will make N100 for each sponsored posts that you share to your facebook timeline.

At this point you will realize that the way you make money with NairaInsta platform sounds too good to be true right ? Don’t worry some members claimed that they have been paid.

NairaInsta Payment Threshold

NairaInsta payment threshold for referral is N3,000 while for other activities is N2,000

How To Register With NairaInsta

In case you have made up your mind to join the NairaInsta Income Program, you should follow the steps enumerated below to get started.

1. Have your N1,500 registration fee
2. Proceed to this portal to make your payment
3. After making your payment successfully, visit
4. Fill in the form
5. You’re good to go

Is NairaInsta Scam or Legit?

According to everything that we have talked about NairaInsta in this article today.

We realize that their income program is really mouth watering and sounds too good to be true. We also discovered that this income program just came in Newly. Therefore, we will withhold our judgement on NairaInsta.

If it is a scam or not , we will update you.

Conclusion : NairaInsta Income Program

There are other people too looking forward to a review of the NairaInsta Income Program.

You should do well by using the social share button. You should also remember to share your thoughts about this review using the comment section below.

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Mcforumpay Review: Legit or Scam?



The trendy Income Program I am about to review is not new to some extent. It was launch for about a months now. Since the outbreak of the Pandemic – Covid-19, working in the part of the world where very little things are digitalized has been next to zero. This has given a lot of Nigerians a cause to complain, as the money in the bank is getting smaller every single day and there is no hope that one’s employer is going to pay at the end of the month. However, in this midst of all the trouble and hard times, referral schemes like mcforumpay comes to the rescue by providing Nigerians with a medium to earn from their homes.

Mcforumpay is a social news platform just like nnu fuorum where you can read news updates from varieties of categories and tag and still get paid. As a member of any subscription plan, you don’t just read news for nothing, you get to earn by reading and commenting on the news you read. Isn’t that cool?

This is a income program is powered by MCFORUM LIMITED which is registered under the Cooperate Affair Commison (CAC), with a registration number RC 1526865 with the mission to educate, empower, and inspire youth and community development in all aspects of life.

The amount you earn from very few brands of Income Programs depends on the plan you subscribe to, however this Income Program chooses to use that trend.
At mc forum pay there are four membership plans that you can subscribe to that before you start earning. They include

Silver membership Plan
Registration Fee for this membership plan is $5 which is equivalent to #1,750
With this plan you can earn a daily activities bonus of $1 which is #350. This means that if you are consistent, in a week you will earn N2450 because N350 X 7 = 2450
If you refer anyone to this income program you earn a referral bonus of 10% of the registration fee

Bronze membership Plan
Registration Fee for this membership plan is $10 which is equivalent to #3,500
With this plan you also earn a daily activities bonus of $2 which is equivalent to #700. Meaning that in a week you will earn #4900
Whenever you refer anyone to the platform you earn a referral bonus of 20%

Gold membership Plan
Registration Fee for this membership plan is $15 which is equivalent to N5,250
You earn a daily activities bonus of $3 which is #1050
You are also entitled to a referral bonus of 30%

Super membership Plan
Registration Fee: $20 (N7000)
Daily activities bonus: $4.2 (N1470)
Referral bonus: 40%

This Income Program is a weekly payment and not the monthly payment. Due to this, you are to renew your subscription every weekend.

Please note that the dollar you see their do not align with the economic market rate. At mc forum pay, it is a constant where 1 dollar ($1) is equal to #350.

How to register on mcforumpay

Visit their official website at

At the top of the page, click on Join MC-Forum Income link

Carefully fill the registration form, be careful not to make mistakes

Choose a subscription plan of your choice.

You are to make payment of your registration fee according to your subscription plan using Coupon code.

I hardly trust any income program that has being legit for a long while. This is because after several years of studying the way these platforms work, there is a whole bulk of truth when I say that it is impossible for anyone of them to last forever. Oh yes, they would surely go through a financial strains and if the administrators do not have a strong drive and skills to pilot the income program through those dearing times.

Like I said earlier that this platform is not new, as it as been availiable even before the Corona virus out beak, therefore there is a high possibility that they are still paying, but the probability of them stopping soon is very alarming.

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